Will you reply to all emails?

I can't guarantee that I can answer every question but I will try to reply. Weekends and holidays are when I will check the most. When you send an email please make sure the Subject/Title is something like 'Richard Wisker Fans - Question' just so it will make things more obvious for me.

I am currently doing GCSE's for roughly the next 2 years  :/ So I am going to be busy - I can't promise I will respond.

Can I send ideas/facts for the website to you?

Yes, I appreciate any ideas you can give me. But I might not be able to actually do it, because this is a free website so I am limited to what I can do.

If your sending facts/information/events then it would be useful if you had some proof - Im not going to purposly put lies on here.

When did you first see Richard (on TV)?

I saw him on The Bill but I didn't really pay much attention to him back then. I was young and didn't realise how amazing he is.

Have you ever met Richard in real life?

No. But I really want to!

Is the information on your site all correct?

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that the information is correct. I have got most of the information from the Internet and places like twitter. But as Richards Twitter is not verified I am only presuming that @RichardWisker4 is the real Richard Wisker, and therefore most of the information on this site would be correct.

Have you got twitter?

Yes I do. My main account is @XxBieberFanx - This is the acount I am mainly on.

However I have created a twitter for this website @RWiskerFans



Feel free to follow me on both Twitters. I will most likely follow back on my main one, but when I am on the website one I will follow everyone (or try to).

Feedback, Guestbook or Contact Us...?

Which one to use?

Feedback - This is mainly used to respond to any polls on the Feedback page.

Guestbook - This is going to be used for a page just to leave your name (or twitter name) and prehaps ask questions to the other people on the site.

Contact Us - This is used is you have a question for me however i cannot guarrentee I will respond.